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2nd of January 2013
Frustrations Of Finding A New Job With Recruitment Agencies

Finding a new job can be a frustrating experience regardless of whether you have just graduated, are switching careers, or are re-entering the labour market after a few years of being a housewife. Browsing through advertisements from newspapers or online job portals can be a hit or miss affair, while waiting for a response from a prospective company can give one an anxiety attack. Reliable recruitment agencies can help both job seekers and companies find the right match for their needs.

The labour market is constantly evolving. The collapse in the global economy along with the changing needs of companies have certainly left ripples in the job market. For one, many companies have chosen to maintain a lean workforce. This means that many companies have chosen to retain jobs that are essential to their operations while some functions have been outsourced to third party organisations. One function that has been commonly outsourced is recruitment.

In recent years, social networking has become an integral part of how people work and play. More than being the preferred means to connect with friends and family, near or far, social media has become the preferred channel of many businesses for promoting their products and services.

Australian Regional Employment Agency (AREA) recognises the latent power of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to provide people with jobs that match their work experience and preferences. Through AREA's unique recruitment method, job hunting becomes an easy, hassle-free experience rather than a hit or miss affair.

Job applicants simply need to create an account with AREA, which involves filling out a registration form with their work experiences and contact details as well as their passport number. Instead of posting the availability of certain positions on a job board, AREA notifies job seekers about the availability of positions which match their work experience and preferences. The applicants then have the option to accept or decline the job offers. Because most of the jobs have to be filled up to a certain date, job offers from AREA have a decline timer. AREA sends three types of notifications to applicants: one through phone, another through email and then another via their personal account.

AREA also regularly posts job offers on their Facebook page. This way, applicants can see which jobs are available in which part of Australia. If an applicant is travelling with his or her friend or knows of a particular person who might be interested in a particular job, he or she can easily tag them about the job opening.

30th of November 2012
Being paid by contract rate and what to expect!

Contract pay rates are great if you have the right employer.

Learning your new job is always a hard task if you don't know what to expect when taking on that scary new field of work and what makes the job easier for you is the on job training you should receive from your employer. Also what is important is that you actually want to work, contracting can be very physical if you are a person that has no interest in the job. What about who you work for? well a great contract employer is one who spends quality time making sure that his team does the job right. This secures his contract for the future and pushes his team towards potential new offers from businesses that require their service and training skills. Without good training on the job, can greatly effect workers like yourself. Lack of training causes you confusion about why you are there earning very little money than you expected and this is where most contractors get it wrong. With a bad work program and poor supervision, new employees are naturally forced to doubt the contractor and the pay rates they are working on and this leads to group negativity across the whole job. The results of not being properly introduced to the job and with a lack of training, causes people to frequently leave the job and the negativity towards contract pay rates increases. Working on contract is actually great, some employers do pay badly but is important to ask questions and actually try for a week before leaving, not after a few days on the job. Some jobs can go for 8 weeks and take 2 weeks to learn to be fast, then after this period you can make up much more than you lost learning. So value the overall job duration, against your skills to learn.

We hear it all too often from workers complaining about contract rates being too low and not being able to make much money, but we usually hear these claims in the first week of starting work. This is where it is up to the contractor and his team to train you how to do the job on contract rates, fast and efficient by showing you the little tricks of the job. So, do ask questions to your employer or supervisors about how to speed up, move properly and to train your eyes to work with your hands and feet for speed. If your contractor won't train you and you don't ask, then your the one who will suffer at the end of the pay week.
So expect contracting to be a great achievement to yourself to push hard so you can learn the tricks to be better at what your doing because on contract rate the time goes faster when you work hard and you really can earn great money if your contractor pushes training and also if you put your mind to it! Good Luck out there and we hope you come across some great challenges.

30th of November 2012
Australia wide feedback using Facebook with you!

Finding the right employer is always a hit and miss job and not knowing what to expect can be bad for your pocket money!

Travelling to a new location for work can be scary sometimes, especially when your moving to a new state on the other side of this large country. The thoughts you have turn into questions and the important one you mostly have 'is this job for me and who can I ask?'

We use our Facebook page for your questions such as - I am in Cairns at the moment, do you know where there is farm work? - What is pruning fruit trees like? or what should I expect working in a packing shed?. Our main aim of our Facebook page, is to provide you with feedback about what to expect before you make your decision to travel. We like to provide small pieces of information about your next job, such as - 'Packing shed work requires standing in one place for long periods and can cause headaches' or maybe even 'With mushroom picking you need to use two hands to pick with whilst standing on a safe sliding platform'. Sometimes we even tell you how long it takes to travel to a destination and where some good places are to stop along the way.

You don't want to travel from one side of the country to the other, just to find out your job doesn't exist and we don't want to provide workers to bad employers. Help us by using our feedback form to tell us about your experience with good and bad employers, so we can keep this circle of information healthy for all job seekers.

8th of November 2012
Look to the top left of the page if you are a business!

The side ribbon at the top left of the page links through to our client web site where u can find all the information you need to know about our business and how we operate. Have a read and feel free to say hello though our feed back form on the home page.

8th of November 2012
Mango Season counting for a second year visa!

Mango Season has started & we will be needing an increase of staff in the next few weeks. This warm picking work does count towards a second year visa, with the bonus of working for one of our clients is that they have an employment agreement which allows you to work far more than the standard 38 hours per week which most companies will work for. By registering through Facebook you can tag friends you are travelling with & also gain bonuses for recommending them to this site, so start the registrations to be offered work for this Mango Season!

8th of November 2012
New web site is now live, with new jobs to fill too!

We are now live and online with an upgrade from previous years. Our recruitment system has had it's tests but now it's time to get back to work. First job we have to fill before the weekend is Bud Bashing shoots in a vineyard near Coonawarra in South Australia, starting Monday the 11th, requiring workers with transport. It's time to start the offering process.