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Australian Regional Employment Agency
A private company that provides people the opportunity to accept or decline jobs we offer them. These job offers can be in any location around the country & with varied pay earnings dependent on the type of work or skills required.

Accommodation for each job offer is sourced & pre-selected for the worker to book in to themselves if they wish to or not. Transportation to the work site is matched with the people that require it, if the job provides no transport then the system will only offer the work to the ones that have it.

Registration on our site is free for the chance to be offered unlimited positions whether you accept a job or decline one. We greatly value the job seeker just as much as the companies we place them to work for & because of these values, we have included some great features in this site to offer a unique user experience for both the job seeker & the companies that use our service.


am currently seeking second year regional work in WA commencing start of June. I am hardworking and reliable so any upcoming opportunities would be appreciated.

Hi Guys
Myself and a couple of my mates are looking for regional work that counts towards 2nd year visa.

Looking to start on the 27th April.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. X

Hello, my wife and I are currently looking for farm or station work up north. We're both from London, UK. I worked as an electrician and my wife as an account/project manager in the print and advertising industry. We're both hardworking people with strong working backgrounds. Both have a good sen...


"...have something that others will find very difficult to replace" @JamesSchramko

Warehouse position available in Katherine N.T. for 1 months work shifting stock around. A forklift licence is...

Something we all guessed happens, about time something is done. Maybe the farmers could afford better labour...


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